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You, a small cat, have always dreamed of being the chonkiest of boys. The only thing standing between you and your destiny are those pesky waiters with their piercing gazes. Outsmart them to get a tasty treat.

Movement - WASD

Sneak Ability- C

Sprint - Shift

Jump - Space

Change Camera - Z

You're a cat in a small taco restaurant. You're able to move around freely as the waiters serve and patrol the establishment. You can hide under tables for a while until getting kicked out or go into sneak mode in order to avoid being detected and steal tacos. There's two types of tacos, normal and spicy. 

Normal tacos gives one point and taste delicious. Spicy tacos gives two points but they make you jump! Be wary.

More tacos you steal the more servers come and patrol.
But sometimes these tacos aren't just regular tacos. Good luck catching them!

Published 14 days ago
TagsSingleplayer, tacocat, weeklygamejam

Install instructions

Unzip and run the tacocat.exe


DBBS-TacoCat.zip 239 MB


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I absolutely suck at this game but it's so fun that I can't help but play it for hours.

Cats are dicks


LOL. Awesome playthrough and commentary! Thanks for playing. 

Thanks! :D

good game though i was a bit confused and got abit scared about the cat sound hahaha... but hey good except i was having a bit hard controling i understood the jumping and getting caught though.. but i also understand this is most likely a project. thanks for making this game. a better gaming world i believe!

Hi, thanks for the kind words. You are correct. This was a game jam project that was made in 3 to 4 days only! We will have some other games posted in the next couple weeks. Thanks for checking this one out!



With All thanks and appreciation to the creator of the game!!


Hey! Thanks for the kind words!